The Supergood Ruby client connects Supergood to your Ruby application. Follow these steps to integrate with the Ruby client.

1. Install the Supergood library

gem install supergood

2. Initialize the Supergood Library

Environment variables

Set the environment variables SUPERGOOD_CLIENT_ID and SUPERGOOD_CLIENT_SECRET using the API keys generated in the getting started instructions.

Initialize the Supergood client at the root of your application, or anywhere you're making API calls with the following code:

require 'supergood'


Passing keys

You can also pass the API keys in manually without setting environment variables. Replace <CLIENT_ID> and <CLIENT_SECRET> with the API keys you generated in the getting started instructions.

require 'supergood'

Supergood.init({ client_id: "<CLIENT_ID>", client_secret: "<CLIENT_SECRET>" })

Local development

Setting the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET_ID to local-client-id and local-client-secret, respectively, will disable making API calls to the server and instead log the payloads to the local console.

3. Monitor your API calls

You're all set to use Supergood!

Head back to your dashboard to start monitoring your API calls and receiving reports.

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