Setup for Express

Add Supergood as a dependency

npm install supergood@latest

Initialize Supergood as early in your app as possible

import express from "express";
import Supergood from "supergood"

// or using CommonJS
// const express = require('express');
// const Supergood = require('supergood');

const app = express();


// All controllers should live here
app.get("/", function rootHandler(req, res) {
  res.end("Hello world!");


Environment variables

Set the environment variables SUPERGOOD_CLIENT_ID and SUPERGOOD_CLIENT_SECRET using the API keys generated in the getting started instructions.

Passing keys

You can also pass the API keys in manually without setting environment variables.

Replace <CLIENT_ID> and <CLIENT_SECRET> with the API keys you generated in the getting started instructions.

const Supergood = require('supergood')

Supergood.init({ clientId: <CLIENT_ID>, clientSecret: <CLIENT_SECRET> })

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